Integration of Faith and Health

Margaret Shoemaker writes…

A faith-driven clinic is an opportunity for those who work in one to tangibly demonstrate the love of Christ to the patients. Understanding a person as a whole, and recognizing spiritual life as part of the whole, is a unique strength of the clinic.  I’ve been able to watch and see the providers and staff interact with the people who come through the door in a way that Christ is glorified. I’ve seen that their position opens doors for talking about faith.

Each provider has a slightly different approach, but the goal is the same. They work to promote Christ and a Christian clinic gives them the freedom to do it more effectively. If a patient is open to it, a provider can move from the person’s physical needs to their spiritual needs and share the truth of God with them.

Part of our time at Siloam includes taking a patient satisfaction survey. I see that by far and away, the thing most recognized by the survey takers is the attitude of the staff. Friendly, caring, loving, and respectful, are all words I’ve seen used many times to describe the people that work here. That comes from being a clinic centered on Christ. Christ’s love is what drives the people here and the patients see it. I think that is where the value of a Christian clinic comes from.

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