Siloam Family Health Center Core Values

 Love Siloam is motivated by the love of Jesus Christ and exists to share it.

Hospitality God has called us to be a healing and welcoming community that is an extension of the local Body of Christ.

Excellence Siloam practices the highest standards of clinical excellence while preserving a focus on each individual patient.

Compassion At Siloam compassionate care includes both respect for each individual patient and active pursuit of whole person healing on multiple levels.

Mercy Siloam preferentially directs its efforts to those who often have no alternative for health care.

Integrity Siloam maintains the highest integrity in all aspects of its operation – clinical, administrative and spiritual.

Stewardship Siloam actively depends on God to provide both resources and healing through a variety of means.

Prayer Siloam was founded in prayer and the need to continually be bathed in prayer.

Partnership Siloam is committed to pursue collaborations with others in our community to maximize the fulfillment of our mission.

Discipleship Siloam consciously strives to impact the health care profession itself by creating a model of a Christ-centered learning environment for volunteers and trainees.