HealthCare Reframed: Biblical Theology of Healthcare

Health Care ReFramed: Biblical Theology of Healthcare

What is healing?  How does Medicine relate to it? What’s the role of the community? Didn’t Jesus come to end suffering?

Health Care ReFramed: Biblical Theology of Healthcare is a series taught by Dr. Morgan Wills that re-frames the work of medicine with a practiced, experiential Christian theology of health care.  Threading through the story-line of the Creation, Fall, Redemption and New Creation, the series endeavors to delve into an exploration of Redemptive Engagement in the work of medicine.

Part 1: Come and See

An introduction to the series taught by Dr. Morgan Wills about looking at the practice of medicine from a Biblical theology of healthcare

Suggested Reading: Excerpts from Mere Christianity

Part 2: The Fall

The second part of the series considers how society has fallen into the danger of leaving our theology at home as we enter the corridors of medicine.

Suggested Reading: Health is Membership – Wendell BerryHow Then Shall We Practice? – Farr Curlin

Part 3: Creation

Using Genesis 1 & 2 as the theological backdrop, the third part of the series looks at Creation and the calling of believers to create order out of chaos as they participate in the work of God around them.

Suggested Reading: Genesis 1-3,  Engage or Run – Reflections on my Intern Year – Brian Lindman, M.D.

Part 4: Redemption & New Creation

In part 4, the effects of the fall in creation are examined and how the work of the cross holistically redeems the brokenness of society.  As agents of this new creation, we are then called into this work of redeeming the world around us.   For those in medicine, healthcare is then re-framed as partnership with God in the work of healing.

Suggested Reading: Illness : Tragedy or Challenge – Ch 11 by Dan FountainMeditation in a Toolshed – CS Lewis

Part 5: Engagement

Steeped in the Biblical story, we must now learn to practice these truths in the challenging circumstances of our day.  In part 5, an overview of medicine’s development is given and we see how history is no stranger to these dilemmas of those partnering their practice of medicine with their faith.

Suggested Reading: Basil LR 55 on the Art of MedicineHealthcare and Hospitals in the Mission of the Church – Article by Gary B. Ferngren

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