Lauren Smith with Intern

Primary Care Preceptorship Program (PCPP):

Are you in a graduate health training program and looking for a unique opportunity to gain clinical hours and practical experience caring for underserved patients from multiple cultures?

If interested, you can click on this link to fill out an application for the Primary Care Preceptorship.  This core program of the Institute provides senior level graduate students (and some medical residents) with practicum-based training in the overlapping domains of

  • Poverty medicine
  • Cross-cultural health care
  • Whole-person care. 

During the course of regularly scheduled clinical rotations trainees will be supervised in direct patient care and guided through a curriculum overlay by trained preceptors.  In addition to honing clinical skills, this program is designed to deepen the trainee’s exploration into the art of compassionate caregiving in the Christian tradition.

The Siloam Institute offers preceptorships in the following areas:

  • Outpatient Medicine for 4th year MD students and PGY-III IM Residents
  • NP and PA
  • Behavioral Health
  • Social Work

Senior-level trainees of all faith backgrounds are eligible to apply.  Rotations of four weeks or longer are preferred.  Although students pursuing all specialties are welcome to apply, preference is given to those pursuing a career in a primary care field among the underserved.

Click here to apply now!  All preceptorships are unpaid and all expenses related to the rotation are the full responsibility of the trainee.  Availability is limited.  In addition to the sending institution’s standard expectations for community-based rotations, participants in the Primary Care Preceptorship program agree to participate in ongoing educational research and brief training modules offered by the Siloam Institute.


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