Tear down that wall!

God’s plan was always multi-national and cross-cultural (Isaiah 56:7, …a house of prayer for the nations). Wall - break down - www.newlandchase.comThere is no barrier too great or difference too significant to keep Him from reaching His children. To be present at Siloam is to see barriers of every kind be broken down by the love and light of Jesus Christ.

This week during the Monday Refugee clinic, I met a volunteer, a member of the Pastoral Care team at Siloam. He moved to America a few years ago from a middle eastern country. While working as a Civil Engineer, he invited Jesus into his heart and found his life was changed forever.

He attended an underground seminary in the middle east alongside several others including those imprisoned for their Christian faith. While the pastor was there, he received a call to go to America as a missionary. I thank God for his boldness and his love for God and His children. A missionary from a Muslim country to America: God’s love is truly unconditional and great! The pastor encouraged me, “Ask for the Holy Spirit and pursue Him. He is God’s gift to His people. He is there to help you every day”.

Three of us on the Community Health Immersion project are attending a local Spanish-speaking church. Even though the sermon can be difficult for us gringos to understand, we are always encouraged by their faith! Their families are tightly knit and  it was so encouraging to see them celebrate el dia del padre (Father’s Day!). We are learning a great deal from them about thankfulness, faith, and how important it is to invest in people! They communicate God’s love clearly to us despite the language-barrier that is present.

So often on this CHI journey I have realized that even though I signed up for this program in order to serve others, I spent the entire day being encouraged and built-up by they very same people I came to aid! I am sure this was God’s plan all along. He does not make plans for us to become spent and worn down. Instead, he lays us down in green pastures and leads us beside quiet waters (Psalm 23)! God is so good, He arranges His call to you so that when you go to serve others, you leave stronger than you were before!

Caleb Huber - CHI 2013 participant  Caleb is a participant in Siloam’s Community Health Immersion.