We seek justice…because we are created in God’s image

One of our nation’s leading thought leaders on faith and justice, John Perkins, led a Bible study at the 2013 conference of the Christian Community Health Fellowship.  As Perkins says, the American church has lost its prophetic voice on justice…and needs to regain it.  “Justice is a stewardship issue,” Perkins says.

John Perkins - CCHF 2013

Click the photo above to watch John Perkins speak on justice to the 2013 CCHF conference.

He will speak again at the CCHF conference on May 9, 2014.  Click here to learn more at the CCHF website.

In addition to seeing Perkins, there are workshops on developing an Integrated Behavioral Health program; the realities of transitioning into a community health center; building an organizational environment that reflects Christ; development and funding; utilizing volunteers; implementing a formal integrated spiritual care program for both patients and staff; nutrition programs and urban farming; and inspiring stories from clinic pioneers who share about their struggles, victories, and secrets for avoiding or working through burnout.  And there are prayer teams who will cover the conference with prayer, and who are available to pray for individuals who want someone to ask God with them for the strength, wisdom and courage to stand through difficult seasons.

CCHF Executive Director Steve Noblett writes, “If you are wavering, stop.  You should come, and you should bring staff with you.  This is an important investment in you and your ministry. One attendee said, ‘this is cheaper than therapy!'”

Members of Siloam’s staff will be there listening to John Perkins and enjoying the full conference.  Join us!