Engage or Run?

The Siloam Institute recently hosted an educational series taught by Dr. Morgan Wills as part of this summer’s Community Health Immersion program.  Titled the “Health Care ReFramed: Biblical Theology of Healthcare,” the aim of this series is to re-frame the work of medicine with a practiced, experiential Christian theology of health care.

Embracing Cross 1One of the articles featured during this series was a reflection written by a medical student, Dr. Brian Lindman, who completed a rotation with Siloam several years ago.  His experiences as a former Vanderbilt student and seminary graduate give him keen understanding and raw accounts about the care-giving choices—and spiritual opportunities faced by physicians in training.  Yet his reflection also gives insight into the choices we make as believers to engage or run as a practice in daily living.  An engagement that Lindman defines as “a deliberate and ongoing battle to swim against the stream of forces that carry us towards complacency, apathy, faithlessness and unbelief.”

It’s through his experiences with brokenness that Dr. Lindman poignantly realizes:  “I see that faith is indeed a fight and that I am ill-­‐equipped to fight the fight relying on my own resources. I need the Spirit of God to fill me if I am to fight faithfully, love as I am called to love, engage the brokenness of the world with hope, and walk the narrow road that leads to the life ‘that is truly life.’ ”

He currently serves as a cardiologist at Washington University and gave this as part of an address at the commission service for Christian medical students in 2002.

You can read the full article here.

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