Theology of Health in Culture

In January 2014, Denver Seminary will be hosting a unique opportunity for both seminary students and healthcare professionals to come together and learn from one another.

As the course directors write, “We live in a time when we have never possessed so much power for treating disease and improving health, yet there is rising dissatisfaction with how health care is delivered by a system that now con­sumes nearly 20% of our GDP. We have failed to ask where we are trying to go, leaving each individual to seek their own autonomous path toward health. What might the pursuit of health and the delivery of health care look like if God’s promises were true and his call to justice relevant? We hope to ask the right questions, and seek biblical truth for current day dilemmas.”


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One thought on “Theology of Health in Culture

  1. Dr. Bob Cutillo is a friend and colleague through the Christian Community Health Fellowship. This course was developed out of years of reflection as well as input from some of my own mentors at Regent College, Vancouver. If you’re up for a combination of winter ski trip and going deeper, it could be a great opportunity!

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