Forever changed…

Anointing hands

As followers of Jesus, Pastor Doug Mann prays a blessing for the students in preparation to anoint them with oil for service.

It is Monday morning (July 15)…the clinic seems relatively quiet this morning.  It is missing seven amazing young people.  Caleb, Claire, Elias, James, Jane, Madison, and Olivia as their fearless leader wrapped up Siloam’s Community Health Immersion (CHI) this past Friday.

Monday mornings on the CHI were spent observing and assisting in a medical screening for 20-40 refugees who recently arrived to the U.S. and are being resettled in Nashville.  The refugees are here…but, we do miss the students!

A beautiful commissioning service was held last Thursday night where they were blessed and anointed with oil to be sent out to continue their faithful walks of service to God.

Anointed with oil

For the past six weeks, the students lived in an apartment complex among refugee families, engaged a local Hispanic church and Burmese church, observed multiple faith-based clinical settings and studied whole-person care from a Christian perspective.

As one student remarked, “My life and my outlook have forever been changed by those I have encountered…”

My hope is that they have left with a greater understanding of God’s call on their lives…and particularly how they can faithfully allow the Holy Spirit to use them to demonstrate God’s love and compassion through service.

Students - Caleb, Jane, Elias, Olivia, Madison, James, Claire

CHI Students (L to R): Caleb Huber, Jane Puntkattalee, Elias Manzella, Olivia Rolando (Project Director), Madison Brown, James Dolezal, and Claire Johnson

2 thoughts on “Forever changed…

  1. It was awesome having them here, they inspired and encouraged me. I miss them but know that God goes before them as they each journey on.

  2. Such beautiful young lives. I so enjoyed their presence and their blogs and was blessed by each one. Would love to know their stories in maybe 10 years and hope the institute plans follow up. The older I get the more I appreciate how God carries on His plan throughout the ages. He does use willing hearts.

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