Is it summer yet?

For the past year I have become increasingly interestedManzella, Elias - 2013 in serving the underprivileged through some sort of medically based mission; however, it is extremely difficult to find a program providing adequate experience for undergraduate students. After praying for doors to be opened, I stumbled upon the Community Health Immersion. Immediately, I knew this was where I wanted to be.

I cannot wait to get started this summer; there is so much that I want to do! It has always been a desire of mine to give as much as I possibly can and working in close community with all of these wonderful people will provide ample opportunities to do so. There is also so much that I hope to learn – not only in the healthcare field but also in the relationships I will build.

This summer will allow me to pour into people the same love that Christ shows me. I never want to stop learning about life and sharing my joy of it with others. I view a person as a whole – body, mind, and spirit – and I want to minister to all those aspects.

The CHI will provide opportunities for this on a daily basis and it will allow me to not only gain experience and an appreciation for healthcare in a diverse context but will cultivate spiritual growth as well. As a Christian, I have a strong urge to be in community with those whom I am serving and a desire to know people on a personal level. How can there be sacrifice without a relationship?

This summer I hope to gain a lot of knowledge but more importantly I want to love on other people (John 12:34-35).

Editor’s note: Elias is one of six pre-medical students from across the country who will spend the summer in Nashville in a Community Health Immersion.

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