Turn or Burn…!

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No, this is not a blog featuring a scraggly preacher delivering a “Hellfire and brimstone” sermon. But it’s close…:)

Do you have any idea what an “Escape Fire” is? I didn’t until last week. Apparently it is a radical technique used by firemen caught in a rapidly encroaching forest fire. When they sense they have no chance of outrunning the flames they light a small, controlled fire around themselves to burn up the nearby tinder. When the huge fire engulfs their area, the resultant bare spot becomes a safe haven which can save their lives.

This Saturday evening at 7 and 11pm (CST) CNN will be showing an award-winning documentary entitled “Escape Fire.” The film is about a different type of disaster that is rapidly engulfing our nation–the healthcare spending crisis. The point is that the crisis is so out of control that we need to start lighting metaphorical “escape fires” to avoid getting consumed!

Siloam Family Health Center has been one such “escape fire” for thousands of uninsured–and desperate–Nashvillians. The Siloam Institute seeks to provide a similar kind of oasis for potentially jaded health care professionals in training. We offer transformational learning experiences which help them to step out side the “Matrix” of consumeristic, industrialized medicine and to reengage the practice of health care for whole persons.

Although the film has its limitations, it is a provocative, engaging, and even-handed examination of the issues, and I would highly encourage you to check it out–either in a viewing on CNN this weekend or by streaming the video on your personal computer.

If you get a chance to see it, we’d love to hear you thoughts. Perhaps if enough “escape fires” are lit, we may one day put an end to this mess…

3 thoughts on “Turn or Burn…!

  1. I watched this documentary when it was screened by the VUMS AMSA chapter last year. It is an interesting look at the health care system but the presentation is perhaps a bit dramatic and the analogy a bit stretched. In the case of healthcare, putting the ‘fire’ out is not necessarily a good idea as it represents such a large part of our economy.

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