Moving out…

Mark McCaw writes…

This past Saturday, with the help of a friend from church, we moved the borrowed “Room in the Inn” mattresses back to the church that had donated their use for the summer. 

My emotions were mixed walking into the two apartments, now empty of life, which for the last seven weeks hosted our four Student Medical Immersion participants.  While we and our students have a few more Video Logs and summary comments to share with you, I couldn’t help but delight in the thought that these four lives had been significantly encouraged in their walk with the Lord and their future direction.  “Forever changed,” seemed to be a common theme in their spoken words to Morgan, Ian and me as the project leaders. 

Olivia Rolando captured this picture early the first Monday morning of living in the apartment complex. The children were so curious about their new neighbors.

As my friend and I went in and out of the apartments carrying the mattresses, there were several sets of curious eyes from the neighbors – refugee neighbors who certainly had their own mixed emotions seeing us.  I am sure that their lives were also changed by the incarnate presence of the SMI students allowing the Holy Spirit to work through them in word and deed.

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