Integration of Faith in Medicine

Being able to experience the inner workings of Siloam has been a great honor for me.  Seeing faith and medicine practiced together has been such an inspiration.  I have often wondered how I could live the integrated life.  These past few weeks observing and working at the Siloam clinic have been truly enlightening.  I have seen prayer for the sick, blessings bestowed upon the newly immigrated, and spiritual counseling of the hurting.  Witnessing medicine being practiced this way has given me a new perspective and has shaped the way I will approach my future practice.

The general consensus in the world of medicine is that God should not be a part of it. However, in the past few weeks I have witnessed first-hand the integration of spirituality and medicine.   The union of the two has improved each patient’s experience immensely.  Medicine and faith were meant to be practiced together.  In the past few weeks, I have seen patients come in with tears running down their face but by the end of the visit they are beaming because of the interaction with these people of faith.  Observing Siloam’s staff relate to these with patients has been moving and has shifted my paradigm dramatically.  The providers at Siloam cater not only to the physical needs of a patient, but also to the spiritual.  Seeing this on a daily basis has helped me understand the immeasurable impact medical providers who are not afraid to practice their faith and medicine simultaneously can have on their community and the world.  This experience has unequivocally changed my life.

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