Cross cultural experience

Most, if not all, of my close friends and family know how much I love soccer. It has been an integral part of my life since my freshman year of high school. Interestingly, soccer is proving to be a valuable asset during my first week in the SMI.

I have created relationships with many of the kids just by playing soccer with them on the local field. It is fun to see how a sport can bridge the cultural gap and allow people of different ethnicities to interact and even form friendships. It is through this international sport that I have come to meet some unique and unforgettable people.

On the soccer field, I am learning to appreciate things that I used to take for granted…like the amazing impact a smile on someone’s face or someone’s laugh has.  Smiles and laughs translate across language barriers just like soccer. I hope that my smile and laughter will impact the lives of the children whom I encounter through my favorite sport as I work this summer in the SMI.

-Cameron Michael

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