Fundraising-The Beginning of My SMI Experience

The word, fundraising, scares me a bit. The thought of asking people for money to fund my mission trip was unthinkable before I learned about Siloam’s Student Medical Immersion (SMI). Being raised in a hard-working family, I learned since a young age to work for anything that I wanted. As I applied to the SMI program, I came across fundraising to help pay for my trip down to Nashville, TN. The first thing I did was to ask a few of my friends about fundraising and how it had helped with their mission trips. They told me that it was not that bad. They said it was fun and that it had really helped by providing for a great part of their cost. It seemed that it was not going to be hard to raise money for the program. That was before I started doing it myself.

As I learned of my acceptance to the program, I thought I could be able to pay for the program from my own pocket. But as I added up the costs, I came to the conclusion that I might need some extra money to pay for my travel expenses. So I went on to do some fundraising with some of my friends and family acquaintances. At first I was really scared because I had never asked people for money before especially when that money was going to pay for my own expenses. It took me a few days to gather the will to go on asking people to support my cause. I was really surprised by the way my friends reacted when I explained them about all the things we were going to do with the program. Their excitement inspired me to change my perspective about fundraising. Even though the turnout was not big, I really appreciated the encouragement and the willingness to help that I received from all of my friends. This experience has totally changed my view about fundraising. It has also made me so thankful to all of those who have been able to help me gather the support I need to embark on this exciting program.

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