Cameron Michael – Fundraising

Cameron Michael writes…

Fundraising:  The word that insights fear in those who participate in it.  Since I knew that I had been accepted into the SMI, I feared that I was going to have to ask people for their hard earned money to send me on this project.  From the get go, I was afraid of asking for money because I felt like I didn’t want to bother others and that I would appear to be selfish for not funding my own trip.  However, as I continued to learn what it really means to give, I began to understand that it is not that I am partaking in an act of selfishness, rather, an act of selflessness.

The experience this summer is more than just an “experience.”  We are surrendering to God’s calling on our lives and we are giving up a majority of our summer to do His will.  Asking for money for this project is more than just accruing funding.  It is accruing support for those who want to see us grow in Christ and do something amazing for the community.  In closing, I have learned through the past weeks that asking for money is not a bad thing.  On the contrary, it can be a huge blessing because along with the funding to go, we gain an amazing support system which will allow us to stay strong for the entirety of the SMI.  I hope and pray that all of the SMI participants will be able to gain the support system we need in order to last through the tough eight weeks ahead of us.

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