Margaret Shoemaker

Fundraising – asking people for money – is very low on the list of things I look forward to doing, right there beneath cleaning  bathrooms and getting lost. Perhaps my independent streak, the I’ll-do-it-myself attitude I’ve had since birth, contributes to it.  Or, maybe, I worry about how people will react to my request, especially when I mention a substantial sum like $2,100.  Probably, it’s both.

However, after sucking it up, drafting a letter, and sending it off,  I’ve found the process of raising funds to be not as terrible as I’d originally thought.  Asking for financial help is humbling, and I’m sure someone as self-reliant as I could use the humility. The encouragement I’ve received is worth the process.  What touches me most is not the amount donated (as many of the people in my community are not wealthy and any amount given is a meaningful gift),  but the time that’s taken by those who do donate to follow up, ask questions, and commit to pray for me.  These people are truly interested and excited to see I have this wonderful opportunity – they want to know about where I’ll be, what I’ll be doing,  and so many other details.  All these people want to be involved because they care about me and the plans God has for me. The reminder of that makes my initial misgivings seem like small prices to pay for the stream of encouragement that is continuing to flow my way.

One thought on “Margaret Shoemaker

  1. Well said! I trust that God continues to use this process in your lives in similar ways–growing us in newfound dependence upon Him! As I have told participants in some campus medical mission trips over the years–even if the project is somehow cancelled at the last moment (though less likely for a domestic project!)–we hope that you will see that the project has been worthwhile, if only for the faith it has built in us during the preparatory phase!

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