Fundraising – an invitation to support the journey

Olivia Rolando blogs…

Fundraising. That word instantly elicits anxiety in me. Maybe the anxiety stems from “the fear of the unknown,” admittedly having never directly fundraised for a personal project like, in this case, the Siloam Medical Immersion. I originally saw the Siloam Institute’s paragraph on committing to fundraising in their application for the SMI. Despite every inch of me doubting that I could successfully reach the financial goal, I signed the application acknowledging that I would be reaching out to people for support. What I didn’t realize at the time, is that facing this fear would bring clarity regarding “support” and a reinstallation of my sense of the “good” in this world.

Having already reached out to others, I have now realized that fundraising is not about gaining financial means to serve others. Fundraising meant to reach out to others to gain their commitment and support of your personal mission. This meant that they also saw value in the journey, the SMI, I had committed to, and wanted to be able to provide the foundation for me to do everything I can to competently serve others. I have been awed by the immense outpouring of love from those who support me, in any form. Sometimes this world can present tragedy, confusion, and pain. Yet, my commitment to serving others, and in turn the most generous support from some of the most amazing people, have truly renewed my faith in the greater good.

God is working through this project to bring four students together, all with support, to work on one common mission: to not only reach out to those of the greatest need, but to all that we come in contact with. God will provide the means for us to reach these fundraising goals; He wants us to be able to have this encounter. I know our journey will continue to be a reflection of God, as I have already noted thus far, and that grace will continue to guide and surround this mission.

For now, I pray that everyone involved in the SMI will continue to gain the support that God has willed. I know I can sense as if another set of hands is being laid in support on my back each time I find someone interested in what I’m working towards. This provides the confidence to move forward to persevere challenges ahead and the affirmation that many are there to be with you through the ups and downs of this set journey. Needless to say, the anticipation is killing me! I’m ready to take on the humidity and work with both my hands and heart. As always, 1 Thessalonians 5:25, Brothers, pray for us.

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